plexiq and la fundasió presents...

the five senses party
the fundasio's exile!

featuring open-air atmosphere, music, visuals, drinks, expositions, performances...

29th june 2007 - 23h onwards...

the party was a success once again!
the police couldn't stop us! :D
(but it was close to ;P)

thanks everybody for coming! and specially to krystian and la fundasio crew for their help!

you can see the pics here!

(don't forget to comment them ;)

it has probably been the last 5 senses party at the roof.
keep an eye on the news!

carlos & david

the party
The first two five senses party were a success! Browse the pics here and here! Lots of people and fun!
That has encouraged us to repeat it again and improve the feeling of the five senses parties!

El verano ya esta aquí! Si no tuviste suficiente fiesta en San Juan, puedes volver a reactivar los cinco sentidos para dar la bienvenida a la calor y las vacaciones!
Ven a la fiesta, conoce gente nueva, disfruta de la performance audiovisual y un ambiente inmejorable!

THIS IS AN INVITE-ONLY PARTY so, if you still don't have a flyer... contact us now!
We've enough space for +50 people!

the roof on fire again!
We'll repeat the last location of past year: the empty modernist roof perfect for organizing a friends party. This is the current state of the roof, but on friday we'll bring the audiovisual equipment, lights and decoration, don't hesitate to come!

modernist architecture <-> view from the roof

the mood
La fiesta es para disfrutar, nosotros te ponemos el espacio, el ambiente, la música, las luces, la videoproyección, la decoración, las performances y el hielo.
Tu traes las ganas de pasartelo bien y lo que te guste beber!

...are you so trendy to come?

when & where
Friday, 29th June 2007 - 23:00h onwards...
c/Gran Via, 449 (at the roof) Barcelona
Don't forget your invitation card!
(call the hotline number when you arrive because we don't have interfono at the roof)

Hotline +34 626XXXXXX (Carlos) or +34 616XXXXXX (David)

See you there!!

previous editions:
the 5 senses party: the original - 16th December 2005
the 5 senses party: the roof is on fire - 6th May 2006

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