[ demography ]

i'm a demoscener: activist, ex-organizer and
inactive musician. in the scene since 1996
current affiliations activist/editor founder.member inactive.vj/rrpp
modulez.modscene.portal: inactive.member co.director
what is the demoscene?
"a subculture in the computer underground culture universe, dealing with the creative and constructive side of technology proving that a computer can be used for much more than writing a letter and hence emphasize on computer technology as just another medium that can transport ideas and styles, show off skills and express opinions etc." -tomaes

continue reading the faq, download some productions from here and there or try directly fr019 and zilog. you will repeat.

productions & facts
[2010] Realtime Generation panel: organizer
[2010] artfutura 2010: demoshow.curator
[2010] Nit Sonora 2010: demoshow.curator
[2010] Breakpoint2010: report
[2010] article
[2010] difusión.demoscene: article
[2009] fuzzion.history: article
[2009] demo.del.mes:
[2009] demoscene.ænueva.era?: article
[2009] flasquiz.reloaded
[2009] MAIN#4: report
[2009] calle20.mag:
[2008] demoscene:
[2008] art.futura.2008: demoshow.production
[2008] d///show.10.2008: talk+help
[2008] lancelona:
[2008] d///fest:
[2008] dvd vol1:
[2008] fiberparty:
[2007] discussion: moderator
[2007] bcnparty'111: organizer
[2007] demoshow at coopcorp: demoshow
[2006] demoscene show at niu: demoshow
[2006] modplanet.bonus: module.compilation
[2006] ciclops democompo: jury
[2006] fuzzion: website
[2006] playboymansionparty06:
[2006-2008] vj/rrpp
[2006] crest.bp2006.set: music.selected
[2006] mosaic0406: writer
[2005] bcnparty101.2ndstage: organizer
[2005] concept
[2005] datr: concept+direction+teacher
[2005] playboymansionparty05:
[2005] sml.demography:
[2005] pomod: module.selection
[2005] interesting posts: 1, 2
[2004-2005] becanne: some.articles
[2004-2008] plexiq: art.platform.founder
[2003-2005] flashquiz
[2004] bcnparty'100.2ndstage: organizer
[2004] demovibes.2: module.selected
[2003] back2roots: modplanet.radios
[2003] bcnparty'11:
[2002] modplanet: module.compilation
[2002] fiberparty: scene.area.organizer
[2002] ané!
[2002-2003] level64: inactive.membership
[2002] modaddiction#1: module.selected
[2001] offlimits1.1/fuzzion+3p: organizer
[2001] concept.vs.fuzzion: battle.starter
[2001] music.massage#sml: module.selection
[2001] mixstation.bestofin64k2: module.mixed
[2000] music.massage#12: module.selected
[2000] ambmod: ambient.module.compilation
[2000] bcnparty'00: compo.organizer
[1999-now] fuzzion: group.founder
[1999-2001] eklipse: demogroup.founder
[1999-2002] modulez.modules
[1997-1999] dsk: demogroup.founder
demos & intros
[2009] 10 years pack/fuzzion (demopack): compilation
[2009] .the .roof .is .on .fire/.2mp (wild):
[2006] tube/xplsv (demo): music.part
[2004] flowersux/fuzzion (intro4k): music
[2003] looking.for.the.east/fuzzion (intro4k): music
[2002] go4/fuzzion (intro4k): music+some.ideas
[2002] blursux/fuzzion (intro4k):
[2002] bcnparty'10.invtro/fuzzion (intro4k): music
[2002] plastic.dreams/tlotb (demo): music
[2002] macaw.sux.2/3p (demo): music
[2002] fuzzy dominoes/fuzzion (intro4k): music+concept
[2002] kunetsu (demo): music
[2002] frogtoons/fuzzion (intro4k):
[2001] ranadala/fuzzion (intro4k): support
[2001] revenge/base (demo): music
[2001] state.of.the.frog/fuzzion (intro4k): music
[2001] the.mighty.frog/fuzzion (intro4k): support
[2001] fast.made/elerium.core (demo): music
[2001] rand/fuzzion (intro64k): support
[2001] heaven4/fuzzion (intro4k): music
[2001] strepto/fuzzion (intro64k): music+some.ideas
[2001] pap.cracked/fuzzion (psxintro):
[2000] the.pinneaple.that.../fuzzion (intro32k): music
[2000] bcnparty'00.invtro/fuzzion (intro64k): music
[2000] xperience/fuzzion (intro4k): music
[2000] kukka/fuzzion (demo): music+some.ideas
[2000] renouige/m4nkind (amiga.wild): music
[2000] despeich/fuzzion (intro4k): music
[2000] style/fuzzion (intro4k): music
[2000] ignition/fuzzion (demo): music
[2000] primpėran/fuzzion (intro64k): music
[2000] once.again/fuzzion (dentro128k): music+ideas
[1999] dacube2/savage (intro64k): music
[1999] contradiction/dsk (intro64k): music+some.ideas
[1999] puka.muka/fuzzion (intro4k): music+sync
[1999] fuzzy#0/fuzzion (diskmag): concept+music

find these prods in pouė for further info and comments
[2005-2012] some djsets as dj 5ml
[2002] kunetsu: for.a.techno.demo.[mp3]
[2002] 1st.fastmusic.bcnparty'10.[coop.smash!]
[2002] destination:venus: for.modaddiction#1.[coop.smash!].[mp3]
[2002] rollo.electro: 2nd.chip10k.euskal10
[2001] koki|kiko: 1st.chip4k.bcnparty'10
[2001] _lqw01000101b: for.tolemac's.demo.[coop.naif]
[2001] japi.gayday.2u.naif: happy.dist.bday.friend
[2001] loop.ep
[2000] 3sat<3kolor: 1st.chip4k.bcnparty'00
[2000] kukka:[r0kasit7e!aarku]: for.newschool.demo.[mp3]
[2000] m0<2sch: 2nd.chip10k.euskal8.[mp3]
[2000] crythical.time: remix.of.a.sole's.chip.module
[2000] for.unreleased.joke.demo
[2000] once.again: for.a.personal.dentro128k
[2000] primpėran: for.primpėran.intro64k
[2000] drummin'beats.vibes: 1st.mmul.xuntas00.[coop.neno]
[2000] for.ignition.demo
[2000] bcnparty'00.invtro: for.bcnparty'00.invtro64k.[mp3]
[1999] untitled: for.ceibe.diskmag.finally.not.included
[1999] brain distortion: joke.tests
[1999] dacube2: for.dacube2.intro64k
[1999] the.cube: for.thecube.intro64k.finally.not.included
[1999] 4notes40dreams: 3rd.mmul.arroutada7
[1999] mmul.entry.euskal7
[1999] for.dsk's.first.demo.[coop.onesk8man]

mirrors, comments and other modules available:

use this program to play them

(demo)parties attended
[2010] breakpoint2010
[2008] lancelona2008
[2008] realtime.generation
[2008] inspire'
[2008] fiberparty2008
[2007] bcnparty'111
[2007] assembly'07
[2006] bcnparty'110
[2005] bcnparty'
[2004] bcnparty'
[2004] vodma'100
[2003] bcnparty'
[2003] fiberparty2003
[2003] vodma'03
[2002] bcnparty'
[2002] euskal
[2002] fiberparty2002
[2001] bcnparty'
[2001] euskal
[2001] vodma'
[2000] bcnparty'
[2000] euskal
[2000] f*party2000
[1999] euskal party 7
[demo] zilog by sunflower
[intro64k] fr019 by farbrausch
[music] crankshaft aka yolk/cncd
[music] lackluster aka distance/orange
[music] mosaik aka radix/tpolm
[gfx] fthr productions aka fthr/tpolm
[code-gfx] statix/acme
[group] mfx
[demo] we cell by kewlers
[demo] kkowboy by blasphemy and purple
[party] breakpoint
to be continued...
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